1. Design

Conscious fashion is timeless design

We believe in designing with our hearts and in letting our passion for beautiful silhouettes and natural materials shine through to the women wearing our clothes. We want to encourage and help our customers to make conscious choices, by giving them the opportunity to join the universe of Skall Studio, where each and every piece of garment is created and designed with value and purpose. Because cherished clothes last longer.

Therefore we...

- Create good and timeless design.

- Develop clothes of high quality.

- Design clothes that the customer wants to keep and treasure, for a long time.

- Design clothes that can be repaired and renewed. 

With this principle we wish to support UN SDG No 1 Responsible production and consumption.


Conscious fashion is made from natural materials

We believe in using only natural materials such as organic cotton, linen and wool from a local organic sheep herd. We prefer to work with these materials because they have so many great properties and are comfortable to wear. We are aware that organic cotton requires a lot of water and energy but when choosing organic cotton we avoid the use of dangerous pesticides. This is why organic cotton is so essential to us. Furthermore, synthetic materials lead to discharge of microplastic, as opposed to natural materials. From our point of view, conscious fashion is therefore created from natural materials. As animal welfare is one of our core values and we are vegans ourselves, it is very important for us to ensure that our wool come from animal friendly farmers. This is also the reason why we do not use fur or leather in our collections. For further info we refer to our Animal Welfare Policy that we will be happy to share with you on request.

Therefore we…

- Prioritize to use and develop only natural materials.

- Do not use man-made fibres unless, it is re-cycled, leftover or discarded materials that would otherwise become landfill.

- Increase the use of unblended materials that can easily be renewed.

- Use materials that do not in any part of the process cause harm to animals.

With this principle we wish to support UN SDG No 12 Responsible production and consumption and the mission of The Ellen MacArthur foundation.


Conscious fashion is made in a socially responsible supply chain

We believe that everyone working with us and for us, should be considered our partners – our family. We want to share our values and our work for better world with everyone involved in Skall Studio. We want to build and run a responsible business that offers a company culture of concern and respect for diversity and a culture that acknowledge the work of each and every hand that contribute to the final Skall Studio product. 

Therefore we …

- Establish close and long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers and only work with people that share our values for a better world.

- Encourage and support our suppliers to offer working and environmental conditions that are even higher standards than those requested by the national laws in force. We visit our suppliers and factories on a regular basic and for further info we refer to our Code of Conduct.

- Source and support local (Danish) production and suppliers as close to our markets as possible.

- Focus on the simplicity and transparency of our supply chain, to ensure that we make the right choices.

With this principle we wish to support UN SDG No 05 Gender Equality with focus on 5.1 and 5.2, and No 08 Decent work and economic growth, with focus on 8.7 and 8.8.


Conscious fashion is made with environmental care

We believe in a shared responsibility for the well-being of mother earth. Our future and the future of coming generations depend on our present and future management of the environment. We acknowledge our responsibility and commit ourselves to let our garments be our voice.

Therefore we ...

- Only work with factories certified with international standards such as GOTS and BSCI to ensure environmental care and good working conditions. For further info we refer to our Code of Conduct. 

- Ensure transparency that allow us to make the conscious choices and give priority to the suppliers with whom we can partner in the work for environmental care.

- Use only recycled plastic and FSC certified cartons. And just like we encourage our suppliers to re-use packing materials and to minimize the use of plastic bags, we reuse all plastic bags and cartons in our warehouse and office ourselves.  

- Aim to avoid airfreight and give priority to sea freight in our planning, together with road transportation, to limit the carbon footprint as much as possible.

- In all we do, make efforts to reduce the footprints of our activities and our products throughout the complete value chain.

With this principle, we wish to support UN SDG No 06 Clean water and sanitation with focus on 6.3 and 6.b and No 12 Responsible Consumption and Production with focus on 12.4 and 12.5.


Conscious fashion is given a long life through care and responsibility

We believe that our responsibility goes beyond the end consumer. We therefore commit ourselves to encourage our customers and consumers to care for and prolong the life of the Skall Studio garments. We want our customers and consumers to value and cherish the work and the craftmanship that lies behind each and every Skall Studio product, and to respect the value of the garment, even when they may not need it anymore.

Therefore we…

- Invite our customers and consumers to share our universe and values, and to contribute to grow and improve our work and our mission for a better world. We welcome all inputs that may come from our loyal customers and consumers.

- Make sure to provide simple and helpful guidance on garment care, for each specific product.

- Offer services of free repair of Skall Studio products.

- Encourage our customers to up-cycle, resell or simply give away the garment, when they do not need it anymore. 

With this principle, we wish to support UN SDG No 12 Responsible Consumption and Production with focus on 12.5 and 12.8, and the mission of the Ellen MacArthur foundation.