Take care

A Skall piece is made to last for many years and if you take good care of it, it will last for even longer. Here are our recommendations on how to take care of your clothes.



All our cotton and linen styles are washable – however, to avoid wear and tear and to use less water and energy, we recommend as little washing as possible and always at 30 degrees or below. If you want to use the natural resources, simply hang your cotton and linen styles outside in the drizzle or rain and let it air-dry.


We believe denim becomes even more beautiful with age. Especially if you take good care of your denim and don´t wash it too often – or don´t wash it at all. If you choose not to wash your jeans, they will not only become even more beautiful and adapt to your body – you will also
save water and energy. However, if you need to wash your denim, always wash separately and inside out in cold water and with as little detergent as possible. Make sure to hang up your denim immediately after washing. Alternatively, a good way to refresh your denim is to put it in the fridge or hang it outside for a few days.


We love wool, not at least due to its self-cleaning properties. When your wool sweater needs a refreshment simply hang it outside in the fresh air or drizzle - and it will be as good as new. We don´t recommend washing our Danish wool. However, if your cashmere or merino wool sweater needs washing because of stains, we recommend handwashing or machine washing on a delicate wool program at low temperature and with low spinning. Afterwards roll it carefully in a towel and let it dry on a flat surface.


Delicate fabrics must be handled with extra care. Therefore, we recommend washing our delicate lace styles and wool socks in a washing bag.


To avoid wear and tear and to use less water and energy, we recommend as little washing as possible. We always recommend washing at 30 degrees or below to save energy and to spin at maximum 600 to avoid wear and tear.


We encourage you to repair your styles should they need it. We also offer free repair on all Skall Studio styles, regardless of purchasing date. You only need to pay for the shipment. Please contact our customer service here to learn more.