We support

At Skall Studio we wish to support those who support others. Because we know that small steps can have a great impact. We support the following initiatives that are very close to our hearts.

Ever since we saw the first dead whale filled with plastic bags, we immediately decided to support the fight against plastic. Because plastic is everywhere, on land and in water and is doing harm to nature, animals, and human beings. For that reason, we are proud to support Plastic Change – a Danish Environmental Organization working hard to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution on a global scale. Learn more about Plastic Change here.

LittleBigHelp empowers individuals in India to create a brighter future. The organization founded by the passionate soul Lisbeth Johansen mainly focus on supporting women and children. The initiative is very close to our hearts as all our cotton and linen styles are made in India. At the same time the Skall sisters have a strong connection to India as they have both lived and worked in the country before establishing Skall Studio.Today LittleBigHelp has established nine community centres in slum areas, a boy’s and a girl’s home, and several skill development centres for women and young people. Furthermore, LittleBigHelp supports a centre for special education for children. As the founder Lisbeth Johansen says: “A little help from you is a big help for others.” Learn more about LittleBigHelp here.

For more than 55 years World Animal Protection has fought to protect animals all over the world. The global organization operates in more than 50 countries to protect animals in their local environment and additionally works closely with UN and advises governments on animal welfare. World Animal Protection is co-founders of World Federation for Animals, an international network of animal welfare organizations, represented in the UN. It is essential for us to support this initiative as we think we are obliged to give the animals a voice. This is also the reason why we do not use fur and leather in our collections, just as the Skall sisters are both vegans. Learn more about World Animal Protection here.

We are part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, as we support their approach towards a circular economy.
Learn more about Ellen MacArthur Foundation here.